The Curriculum of the Qualification:

The Qualification is seeded in Level 4 of the National Qualifications Framework and consist of 504 Credits therefore rendering it a 3 Year Qualification on par with a National Diploma.  Provision is made for the Recognition of Prior Learning and Learning Assumed to be in place and the delivery methodology is based on the requirements for Learnerships within the NQF Level 4 that provides for a training delivery methodology as follows:

  1. A Knowledge Component of 20% of the Curriculum (Class Room, Theory validated by a POE plus assessment) 20%
  2. Practical Training as provided for by the Curriculum (Experiential practical training in a Training Centre plus assessment) and
  3. 60% Work Place Experience (On the Job Training -In business with assignments and portfolio off evidence) as provided for by the Curriculum
  4. Final External Assessment and Moderation by the MERSETA.

Structure of the Curriculum

The Qualification delivery methodology includes education and training in the following Disciplines of the Curriculum:

  • Auto Body Repair 40%
  • Mechanical 20%
  • Spray painting 20%
  • Auto Electrical 10%
  • Business Acumen 10%