Question:Why do I need to become member of the VDQGBSA? (Vehicle Damage
Quantification Governance Board of SA)

Answer:  The VDQGBSA is registered with SAQA – (the South African Qualifications Authority) as a Professional Body (ID 1049) and the only legal representative body of the vehicle damage quantification qualification in South Africa. Access to the VDQ qualification is governed by the VDQGBSA. 

 Question:What are the benefits to become a VDQGBSA member?

Answer: As a member of the VDQGBSA you have access to the process required to achieve the qualification of “Vehicle Damage Quantifier” (VDQ). This is a very prestigious qualification that is seeded on the NQF Level 4. In the near future the qualification will become the minimum requirement to operate in the motor body repair and insurance industries as an Estimator or Assessor.

 Question: What must I do to obtain membership from VDQGBSA?

Answer: Simply access the VDQGBSA website at www.vdqbsa.co.za, complete your registration by choosing one of three options. For yourself and paying the fee yourself choose SINGLE registration. If you are registering more than one member who will each be paying their own membership fee choose the MULTIPLE option. If your employer is going to pay the fee use the CORORATE/MULTIPLE option for one or more membership registrations. 

 Question: What will the cost be to become VDQGBSA member?

Answer: Membership Fees!!! 

The VDQGBSA executive committee agree on member’s fees structure as follow:

Fee Structure 2017 and 2018:

Annual Practicing Membership fees for 2017 if the registration is completed before the 31st December 2017:

  • Once off registration fee for a new member of R456.00 VAT included
  • Membership fee R1,140.00 VAT included (Take note this was a discounted fee)
  • Total amount of R1,596.00 VAT included

Annual Practicing Membership fees for 2018:

  • Once off registration fee for a new member of R912.00 VAT included.
  • Membership fee R2,280.00 VAT included.
  • Total amount of R3,192.00 VAT included.

If a Practicing member registered and paid in 2017, the VDQGBSA will credit the member’s account with R1, 710.00 VAT included. The member will thus only be liable for R570.00 VAT included for their 2018 membership fee.

TO SUMMARISE: The accounts of the Practicing members who have registered and paid before the 31st December 2017 will be credited with R1,710.00 VAT included and will only be liable for R570.00 VAT included for 2018 membership fees.

Note: Practicing members that register this year will SAVE R1,026.00 VAT included. 

Question: How did the VDQGBSA determine the fees and what will the fees be used for?

Answer: The VDQGBSA is a non-profit company, therefor all funds will be used to establish and enable the Governance Body to become a fully functional entity to serve, and support their members. The Board did a market survey in 2015 to establish how many potential members are operating in the vehicle damage quantification field and according to this result the VDQGBSA Directorate made certain assumptions which were used to compile a three-year budget and to determine the fee structure.

This fee structure will be determined on an annual basis depending on the Company’s operational requirements to govern the qualification appropriately. According to legislation the VDQGBSA need to be audited on an annual basis and the financial statements will therefore be made available to members. Audited Annual Financial Statements will normally be presented at the AGM (Annual General Meeting). 

 Question: What is the content of VDQ qualification and where can I view it?

Answer: The Qualification, it’s Outcomes, Assessment Criteria, Rules etc.  could be viewed on the SAQA Website as indicated

99507 Occupational Certificate: Vehicle Damage Quantifier

Question: Why do I need to obtain the VDQ qualification?

Answer: The Vehicle Damage Quantifier Qualification raise the level of skill of both Estimator and Assessor equally. It sets the standard for quality appraisement and quantification of damage to ensure a “First time right” Repair Estimate. The desired outcome is to minimise amendments, to enhance, foster, and maintain interpersonal and Client relationships. 

Question: Is VDQ qualification an industry recognised qualification?

Answer: The VDQ Qualification was developed by the MERSETA in Association with the Motor Body Repair and Insurance Industries and is registered as an occupational qualification with SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority).

It is acknowledged, supported, and underwritten by the SAIA, The South African Insurance Association while all the recognised Associations within the South African Motor Body Repair Industry have participated and contributed in some form or another in the creation of the Qualification. Hence rendering the Qualification, a qualification by the Industry for the Industry.

Roll players in the industry includes amongst other representatives from the Insurance sector, the Motor Body Repair Associations, Independent Assessing and Estimation companies and their representative bodies as mentioned hereunder:

IMASA – Institute of Motor Assessors of South Africa

SAMBRA – The South African Motor Body Repairers Association

SAARSA – The South African Auto Repairer and Salvage Association

CRA – Collision Repairers Association

RAAF – Retail Automobile Aftermarket Federation

SAIA – The South African Insurance Association

IISA – Insurance Institute of South Africa

SAMAA – South African Motor Assessors Association

RMI – Retail Motor Industry 

 Question: After I became a VDQGBSA member and wish to obtain the qualification, what is the process I need to follow?

Answer: You must apply to the MERSETA through the VDQGBSA to be assessed against the full qualification by means of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. 

 Question: What is an RPL process?

Answer: The RPL process is the process whereby your previous and current work experience, plus your previous education and training are assessed against the assessment criteria of the VDQ qualification to determine if it is sufficient, when measured, to be considered competent to meet the standards required to successfully operate in the field of vehicle damage quantification. 

Question: Is there a cost involved to participate in RPL program?

Answer: Yes, there will be a fee payable to the accredited assessment centre, which may vary depending on your first and last assessment. This cost will be payable to the assessment centre. At this point in time there is no fixed amount established by the authorities yet. However, one could consider the cost of doing a Trade Test as a guideline.

Where training is required there will be an additional cost payable to the accredited training provider.

Question: How long does the RPL process take to complete?

Answer: The duration of the RPL process depends on certain criteria I.e.

  • The level of your work experience as a vehicle damage quantifier, related qualifications, and work-related training in this field, as this will determine the time required for gap training in areas lacking.
  • Alternatively, the first assessment may indicate that the candidate qualifies for the “Straight thru” process based on the Candidate’s submitted a comprehensive Portfolio of Evidence (POE).
  • The Final Integrated Summative Assessment and the assessment of your POE.
  • Capacity of the MERSETA accredited Occupation-and-Trade Assessment Centres.


Question: How will the RPL process work?

Answer: The RPL process consists of three Elements. The first element is the POE- Portfolio of Evidence that you must compile and submit (Download the document here), the Second element is where your portfolio of evidence will be evaluated against the requirements of the VDQ qualification. This takes place at the premises of an accredited Training Provider and depending the outcome of the mentioned evaluation. The Third element is to do the Final Integrated Summative Assessment at the premises of an accredited Occupation or Trade Assessment Centre.

Question: Will the qualification and professional status be a legislative requirement to function as an estimator or assessors in the industry?

Answer: In the near future the Qualification will become the minimum criteria to operate in the field of vehicle damage quantification.

 Question: Will the qualification benefit me in my day to day function?

Answer: the VDQ Qualification will brand you as a Subject Matter Expert or Specialist which will result in Individuals, Companies, Corporates, and Fleet Owners to seek your services. The Qualification will provide you with a tool to promote yourself and or enhance your business. Importantly it will ensure you are equipped to practice in a technology driven environment through continuous professional development and a formal recognition of your skill on the National Qualifications Framework.

 Question: Who must I contact to obtain the qualification?

Answer: Please send an e-mail to membership@vdqgbsa.co.za or to info@vdqgbsa.co.za or to andries.bekker@vdqgbsa.co.za 

Question: Who is required to obtain the qualification to operate in the industry?

Answer: Currently any person that wishes to operate in the field of vehicle damage quantification should endeavour to obtain the qualification.

Question: I am currently an Assessor or Estimator and had not obtained the qualification yet, what will the impact be on my current position, will this result mean that I can’t work in the industry until I am qualified and enrol as a professional member of VDQGBSA?

Answer: As soon as you apply and obtain membership the VDQGBSA will issue you with a certificate that will serve as proof that you currently are a “Practising member” of the Body. This certification will serve as an interim working permission. However as soon as you obtained the qualification your status will change to that of a “Professional member”. If you are not a member it means that you would not be a Preferred Provider, this may result in your workload starting to diminish and or your job/employment opportunities may be compromised.

 Question: If I had obtained the qualification and receive a professional status from the VDQGBSA will this guarantee me work in the industry?

Answer: The qualification will certainly enhance your chances and will provide you with the status of Preferred Service Provider and a professional status as an employee.

 Question: I am an individual that has no knowledge or experience of the motor industry but wants to obtain the qualification to start a career as a Motor Assessor, is it possible and how do I go about?

Answer: Access to the qualification is not restricted, however any qualification has certain minimum criteria that one must have to allow you to enrol as a Learner/Student. You should access the Qualification on the SAQA Website I.e. SAQA QUAL ID 99507. Qualification Title: - Occupational Certificate: Vehicle Damage Quantifier, to determine whether you are eligible to obtain the qualification and if you could enrol at a Public or Private Accredited Training Provider accredited training institution or TVET College.

 Question: Are there any accredited Training Providers for this Qualification and where do I find them?

Answer: The names of colleges and training Institutions are published on the SAQA Website under the Qualification Matrix. Identified Institutions are in the accreditation process and should be listed shortly. 

 Questions: Do I also have to register as member of the VDQGBSA if I am an individual that has enrolled with a college or training institution?

Answer: Yes, the VDQGBSA administrates and manages the Qualification and the member data base of all persons operating or wants to operate in the vehicle damage quantification field.


Finally, if in doubt please contact the VDQGBSA office for further assistance at:

 info@vdwgbsa.co.za or membership@vdqgbsa.co.za  or andries.bekker@vdqgbsa.co.za